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The Chamber of Blood

An incoherent rambling of my thoughts, if you will (cue Dusty Rhodes reference here)

  1. 1 million views on YouTube

    I never noticed it until a few days ago, but it just so happens that my MUGEN YouTube page has finally hit the big 1 million views, especially after i had taken a year off from doing them. I'm also partnered on there as well, which was surprising to me considering of the low numbers at the time of approval. Either way, it's nice to be noticed in some form in the Internet world, now i just hope i dont run out of ideas for videos lol.
  2. Requirement for the NFL Prediction League

    For this year, i'm asking everyone that participates to pick every single week. That would mean not picking week 1 and never doing it for the rest of the season. Also make sure you pick every single game as opposed to certain games each week. There have been times in the past where people at the bottom at the rankings would have a score of like 5-3. Defeats the purpose if you're going to do that. Thank you for your time!
  3. A Video Game Confession...

    I've played a lot of video games in my time. I've own a lot of video games in my time. One franchise i've never played nor owned a game of, is The Legend of Zelda.

    Why? I dont know, i guess i was never really into that series. I was always playing Mario, or Donkey Kong Country, or some other random NES/SNES game at the time. I've owned all the Nintendo consoles, from the NES up until now with the Wii U, and i've never touched any Zelda games. I've even owned a Metroid game from ...
  4. Doing an E3 prediction show with the ARC crew.

    In a few weeks, the fellas and I will be doing our E3 prediction show. We'll be talking about the games that are announced, that arent announced, and some that havent even been talked about yet. If anyone here would like to take part in that with us, PM me your Skype name. Or if you're feeling like a rebel, my Skype is Ravensguy10.
  5. DayZ (and other Arma mods) are the new COD

    And what i mean by that is, how ungodly boring it is to watch on occasion, especially from the streamers that do nothing but play it on a daily basis. I understand the whole concept of it is to survive and what not, but after seeing it for weeks, and knowing it's bringing nothing new to the table, what is the point of playing it? Not many people cared about Arma 2 until the mod came out and then BOOM, it exploded into some craze that should of died off a while ago.
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