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  1. Wrestling Fans (Rant)

    So, a lot of people I talk to on here know I'm a huge wrestling fan. I watch a lot of stuff, WWE, TNA, CZW, some lesser known Indie promotions like Booker Ts ROW which is local, and recently NJPW. I was hesitant to watch NJPW because a lot of the fans I've come across really rub my the wrong way, because they act like elitists because they don't watch american promotions, which is something that doesn't bother me too much. But then there's people who tell others to kill themselves because they think ...
  2. Returning and confessions

    Well, I'm back. I've missed some of the people here. Now in my hiatus, I...Honestly haven't done much with my life besides piss people off on twitter. I've also had some changes in my life. It turns out I'm bipolar, so now I'm on multiple medications to help me stay calm and not let my anger get the best of me. I've also signed out of public school and I'm starting school online the 27th, if I will continue to do this the rest of highschool, I have no clue. I've also honestly fell into a bad group ...

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  3. Leaving GameOn and my reasoning.

    The title is pretty self explanatory.
    1. GameOn doesn't feel like a community (to me) anymore.
    2. I'm bored of it.
    3. This community is full of massive dickheads (Me being a dickhead myself)
    4. I don't enjoy knowing people I know talk about me behind my back.
    I have many more reasons, but these are my biggest ones, if you disagree, good for you. If you don't disagree, good for you. I really can't give two rats asses at this point.
    Inb4 people commenting "Nah, ...
  4. Damn it.

    >Buy Diablo III
    >Do abit of work to get it working on my laptop
    >get boner when it launches
    >Try to login to my account and servers are down til later in the day.
    >Mfw -mfwdiabloiii-png
  5. Connfession and Making The Change

    Well, this is really the first time coming out publicly, at all really and saying this... But fro the past 2 and a half years i've been a pot smoker, really no one knows about this, so its kinda hard for me to come out with this, and i've been really going trough a rough point in my life the last couple of months... So for the past 2 months i've been clean with weed, but I almost got back into it yesterday, but I was able to avoid it.
    Hopefully I can start a new chapter in my life...
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