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  1. One year ago...

    ... I joined GameOn. Ever since I stormed on to the scene I made a few reviews, tried to fight out of the middle of the pack in the NFL predictions threads, and kept up on some live streamers.

    Boy what a year it has been. Can't wait to do it again.
  2. I'm Already on a Roll xD

    Woah, look at me! I'm actually posting the next day and not, like, a month later! Achievement Earned: Not Forgetting About Personal Blog.

    Anyhow, so, I've got this biology exam Thursday and I'll be honest...I'm feeling way too much like I'm going to fail it right now. I'll be honest again, that's a direct result of me not studying way ahead of time. What can I say? I'm a procrastinator at heart, which sucks. Old habits die hard, I guess...I totally bombed the first quiz we took in ...
  3. I'm Terrible at Updating my Blog....

    I used to be on top of things with my blog, too. I was updating it, like, everyday. Now I rarely do it monthly. :/ I'm gunna try to make this blogging more frequent, but honestly I'm probably gunna forget again. xD

    Anyhow, my life has been beyond hectic these past few weeks. I've officially started my college life and am majoring as a pre-vet and minoring in Chinese. 'Cause, I want to throw my social life into a shredder and then burn it. On the bright side, I've now planned out that ...
  4. First Year in GameOn Done, What Was It Like?

    Hello everyone. Well, my first year of GameOn has passed a month ago, and I wanna post this blog to talk about how I came to GameOn and evolved overtime. Plus, I wanna say a few last words to my first year passing in GameOn.

    When I first started GameOn, I was one of those Swiftor fanboys and thought coming here would make me a mod. Now you all would say, "I was a dick" or a "N00b" for trying to do that. Then, I used to see GameOn more and saw MM7 highlights (I didn't ...
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  5. The Grind is On! I am Going For 100 Followers! Starting on 1/23/14 !! 4pm Est USA

    What will I be streaming on this Grind to 100 Followers?
    * = Might not stream
    - Clash of Clans
    - Boom Beach
    - Hay Day
    - RoboCraft*
    - Other games too, Maybe Call of Duty.. Never Know.

    Make Sure you come over to the Stream!

    Links in the Signature.

    Most Current Video of Clash of Clans From Me:

    I will be setting everything up on Thursday Night. Just ...
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