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  1. Welp, it's done.

    Graduation has ended, I got my diploma, and now I'm ready for the next step, Zane State College. I will warn you all now that I may not be as active as I have been the past year, mostly due to college and shit, but I will always keep my heart to GameOn.
  2. Damn, 12th grade is almost done for.

    After all the hell that's been going on this school year, it's almost time for my graduation. First Field Day, which sadly this year won't feature movies, which sucks ASS, then Senior Skip day this Thursday, THEN on to Graduation practice this Friday. After graduation on Sunday, shit gets real now. I've already signed to a college called Zane State yesterday. Now to wait for the big-ass moment when I get my diploma.
  3. An Actual Update

    So, after the last update I made, it's obvious that the information there was false, not that I had any choice in the matter, but all that does matter now is that my computer is back, my consoles are hooked up to the television, my internet connection is pretty good, downloaded Skyrim in 10 minutes, got a new headset, nice monitor, keyboard and mouse, everything is falling into place. It has been a strange experience not using a computer for a long time. It has been several years since I was a complete ...

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  4. Life is wild

    So it's again been forever since I posted in my blog, which is something I should do more often XD.

    Anyway life has been one wild and crazy ride for me. After moving back in with my Grandma about 4 or so years ago and started working as her personal care taker, it's been one hell of a ride.

    However that isn't a bad thing, and thanks to it all I got a new PC which I can stream from and I even got a PS4 which I have been streaming from as well and uploading Youtube videos. ...
  5. 1 million views on YouTube

    I never noticed it until a few days ago, but it just so happens that my MUGEN YouTube page has finally hit the big 1 million views, especially after i had taken a year off from doing them. I'm also partnered on there as well, which was surprising to me considering of the low numbers at the time of approval. Either way, it's nice to be noticed in some form in the Internet world, now i just hope i dont run out of ideas for videos lol.
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