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  1. First Year in GameOn Done, What Was It Like?

    Hello everyone. Well, my first year of GameOn has passed a month ago, and I wanna post this blog to talk about how I came to GameOn and evolved overtime. Plus, I wanna say a few last words to my first year passing in GameOn.

    When I first started GameOn, I was one of those Swiftor fanboys and thought coming here would make me a mod. Now you all would say, "I was a dick" or a "N00b" for trying to do that. Then, I used to see GameOn more and saw MM7 highlights (I didn't ...
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  2. The Grind is On! I am Going For 100 Followers! Starting on 1/23/14 !! 4pm Est USA

    What will I be streaming on this Grind to 100 Followers?
    * = Might not stream
    - Clash of Clans
    - Boom Beach
    - Hay Day
    - RoboCraft*
    - Other games too, Maybe Call of Duty.. Never Know.

    Make Sure you come over to the Stream!

    Links in the Signature.

    Most Current Video of Clash of Clans From Me:

    I will be setting everything up on Thursday Night. Just ...
  3. Pretty New Streamer | FCrewGGisGamer Channel | Follow The Channel :D

    Pretty New Streamer!

    I have been Streaming For at least a month or two. I wanted to advertise my Channel a bit but didn't know where. I stream Clash of Clans every time. If its not Clash of Clans then I don't even stream. I do not have a Schedule for my stream yet but for now its all random. I do not have a Mic But I put on Music and type in chat a lot.

    Heres The Link to My Stream: Twitch


    Some Other ...
  4. Sup Guys

    Hey Guys,
    You may know me im.. Readingfc123.. etc Lol
    Anyways I would like you very happy bunch/community to help my cousin by watching his streams on Twitch... hes new and plays PS4 Advanced Warfare!!

    Cousins Twitch Channel: Twitch

    My Twitch channel : Twitch

  5. Cast Return + Christmas + New Years Resolution

    I'll be returning to casting possibly on January 5th or 6th, depending on when I return from a trip.

    I'm going to be leaving on a weeklong trip this Sunday to go see my Grandma over in Indiana, and we're driving the whole way(18 hour trip). While I was hoping to start up again sooner, I don't want to just cast for today/tomorrow then immediately say "Alright! See you guys in another week!"

    In other news, Christmas was really good. I got some nice stuff, which ...
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