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  1. The Next Chapter Of My Life

    Three months ago I decided to do something that would change my life if it got approved, yesterday evening I received the news that I wanted to hear and boy am I over the moon!
    I applied for a Canadian Holiday Working Visa back in early March so I can, of course, work & live in Canada for a year. I got the visa in March/April time after applying for one of the many quotas that were available at the time I was applying on a first come, first serve basis. I manage to get my application just ...
  2. My hiatus is over

    Hello friends!

    So, many of you haven't heard from me in months. Last time I even stopped on Twitch was in March. That was due in part of it being my senior year of high school and the fact that I was failing (had a D but I still say failing) one of my AP courses. However, that is all good now. In my last semester of high school, I was able to bring my grade in my AP class to a C. With that, I was able to graduate high school three weeks ago (and get all my stuff back that I was grounded ...
  3. MCM Expo Weekend & Leveled Up Another Year

    I seem to be always delaying typing up my blogs when I’ve been out doing stuff…although working a lot of the time doesn’t help me with giving me enough time to type them up as well, so yeah, blame work haha.

    Just under a month ago I decided to head out to merry old London for the weekend to go to it’s two yearly annual comic convention which is held every May & October in the year: The MCM Expo (or London Comic Con). I haven’t been to MCM for a good few years now, the last time ...
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  4. Laptop out of commision, prolly wont be as active

    Laptop cord got caught on something as i was carrying it outside and didnt know it, ended up being ripped out of my hands and crashed to the ground. I have access to another laptop that isnt mine but i wont be here every day, sadly.
  5. Oh Canada! My Holiday To The Land of Maple Syrup!

    I should've really typed this up as soon as I got back from my holiday, but unfortunately I got incredibly busy as soon as I got home (yay for working the day after I get home! ).
    After I made my last blog post I was getting myself ready to go to Canada for a 2 week long vacation, which I really needed after the busy few weeks of work I had to endure. I left for Vancouver on the 3rd May and when I landed and arrived at my girlfriends house, I felt like I returned to my second hometown, (going ...

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