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  1. Freestyle Football Positions

    Freestyle Football offers different positions for players. From core positions up to hybrid positions, depending on your preferred gameplay, itís your choice.
    Upon creating a character, players can select from the three core football positions; the Forward, Midfielder, and Defender.


    Also known as the Striker, Forward is ...
  2. A Gamer's Review: Twisted Metal IV

    Twisted Metal is a game series developed by 989 Studios, published by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation. The game is a vehicle battle game which is the main goal is to win a tournament called Twisted Metal. The creator of the contest, Calypso, will grant any wish of the winner. It has 8 sequels that started from the first Twisted Metal in 1995 exclusive for Playstation1 up to the latest Twisted Metal 2012 for Playstation3. For this review I will cover my favorite sequel on this series, ...
  3. 3 Years on the forums

    I noticed today that ive been on the forums for 3 years...and two days joined on the 17th of September. Seen so many people come and go streamers join the live page and leave the live page been a fun 3 years and hopefully more to come here on the forums
  4. Freestyle Football Modes Review

    Freestyle Football Modes Review

    The MMORPG game Freestyle Football has different game modes available. These modes boost the gameís versatility and gameplay, and will surely give players unique and wide selection of options on how you play the game.

    Freestyle Football divided its game modes; Training, Football ...

    Updated 09-20-2014 at 10:44 PM by therock

  5. A Gamer's Review: Final Fantasy VIII

    Final Fantasy VIII

    Final Fantasy VIII is a role- playing video game released for Play Station gamer. I have played the game when I was in grade school and found out that it is an interesting game with unique game play.

    It is a fantastic game that makes the final fantasy series of SQUARESOFT more popular. Like most of the role- ...
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