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  1. 1 million views on YouTube

    I never noticed it until a few days ago, but it just so happens that my MUGEN YouTube page has finally hit the big 1 million views, especially after i had taken a year off from doing them. I'm also partnered on there as well, which was surprising to me considering of the low numbers at the time of approval. Either way, it's nice to be noticed in some form in the Internet world, now i just hope i dont run out of ideas for videos lol.
  2. A Few Weeks Of Fun!

    I reckon it's time to make a new blog post, so much has happened during the past few weeks that I think it's high time to update this thing.

    The past few weeks have been pretty good to me, despite working a lot I've been actually travelling around quite a bit which has been most enjoyable. Me and a friend of mine went up to stay over at another friends place for the weekend before Easter, on the Saturday we went to a theme park called Alton Towers which is the biggest theme park in ...

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  3. ~A Wild Lion Appears!~

    Sorry for my leave of absence, guys. ^^; I really have no reason for why I haven't been on this website considering how much time I've invested in roleplaying, gaming, watching movies, etc. in between the military and college life. >.<

    Anyhow, I guess I should talk a bit about how my life has been since my last post. *shrugs* Hmm...well, I'm in the final month of my first semester at college. Oh, I've changed my majors as well. I'm no longer a pre-vet major, and am now an international ...
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  4. Dragons

    Well...I've been away for a while. My normal schedule is on hold. That's a decision I've had to make on my own. My other blog, Dust in the Light, has basically slowed to a sappy crawl as I try to make one or two more reviews before my big moving day in fourteen days. Seemed like so far away when I signed the papers, now it's right around the corner. Another reason for the delay is simple: I haven't setup the internet for my new home, so I don't know when things will come back online, but I hope ...
  5. Back After A Long Break

    Hello you lovely Game On people!
    It feels great to be back on this awesome forum. If anyone new is reading this and is thinking "Who the heck is this guy?", then hello to you! My name is Andy and I first joined Game On back in March 2013 after watching a few great Game On casters over on Twitch TV. I personally thought this community was great and really friendly as well; everyone who I spoke to here was always up for a chat and had so much to talk about gaming or non-gaming. ...

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