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This is the Live Page. It provides quick and easy access to all of GameOn's certified broadcasters. With a single effortless click you can switch between one broadcaster and another. It really is that simple!

You can find the broadcaster buttons just above this piece of text.

BLUE signifies that the caster is currently online
RED signifies that they are offline
GREY means that you have them selected

Upon clicking one of these buttons, the caster's stream and chat will seamlessly load, along with the various other helpful and interesting elements.

So Explore and Enjoy!

Question: Where am I? What is this?
Answer: This is the GameOn Live Page. It is where the GameOn community hangs out to watch live video game streams. We have a whole bunch of cool broadcasters here at GameOn, and they are eager to make your acquaintance.

Question: How do I watch a channel?
Answer: To watch a channel/change channels, you can either click one of the many caster buttons below the video player, or you can use the input box located just above the video player.

Question: What are 'favorites'?
Answer: Favorites are client-side bookmarks. You can add any Twitch channel to your live page, and only you can see it. It's a small perk to help facilitate your Live Page experience and to encourage you to use the Live Page even when GameOn casters aren't around.

Question: How do I add a favorite?
Answer: Simply click the big green button, enter a channel's name and hit 'Save'. Your favorite will appear as a button. To remove a favorite, simply delete the channel's name and hit 'Save' again. You must be registered on the GameOn forum to use this feature.

Question: How do I become a GameOn broadcaster?
Answer: If you are an active GameOn forum member, and have prior casting experience, then please click HERE to learn how to apply.

You can add up to 5 channels to your Live Page. They will only be visible to you.