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  1. i was my first message and now ill be my 300th message
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    Was a valiant effort from both sides but I shall come back even stronger next year.
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    Sweet Victory at last.

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    You're ridiculous, but thanks.
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    baaaaaaaa aaa aaa a
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    Let's see...I need something random to post on your wall. Hmm...bananas.
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    FIRST POST 2014 huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehueheueeuheuhehueuhehue huhuehuehueuhehuehuehuehueuhehuehuehuehuehuehueheu ehuehueuheehhehueuheuheueheuhueehuheuheuehuehueheu heuehehuhuehuehuehuehuheuhuehuehuehuehuheuhuehuehu ehuehuhuehuehuehuehuhuehuehuehuheuhuehuehuehuehueh uehuhuehuehuehuehuehuehu
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    Yeah not gonna happen
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"The sands of time whirl around him, ancient dynasties turning to dust in his wake, unbeatable titans crumbling and falling apart under his watch, and Curious remains the eternal Gatekeeper. While his team twists and turns around him, old players replaced with new, new faces growing old, Curious remains the immovable constant on a team in constant flux. His is the role of Gatekeeper to Code A, the abyss from which many players fail to ever emerge. His is the eternal watch of mediocrity, the hurdle all players must pass on their roads to greatness. Balance patches and meta shifts rain down around him in destructive fragments of volatility, and Curious remains constant. His form falls and climbs again, and no matter the actions of his competitors there seems to be no ending his watch. No matter what his foes do, they repeatedly and unendingly fail to expunge his presence from Code S. His struggles stretch across expansions and radically different competitive climates, and nothing has really changed. Curious is still the one who separates the wheat from the chaff, still one to crush any player seemingly his better on his way to Code S. For a player so lacking glorious success, Curious possesses a drive no one else can boast, a consistency no one else can match. He has beaten the smartest player in the world, the best mechanical players, prodigies claiming many times his talent. Time doesn't dull his edge any more than sand wears thin the desert, and no amount of competitive pressure seems to ever topple Curious. In a group such as this, he is the one you should watch with the most care. Curious is the one that will, without a shred of mercy or compassion, send your favorite players screaming back into Code A. That is Curious's role, and that is the role Curious will continue to fill until Korean Starcraft comes crumbling down around him. "
Ended up in Code A cause of Curious


know as carmine or nestea. Federer Fan till the end Falcons Fan for life


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3 Years on the forums

by Carminedust on 09-19-2014 at 08:25 PM
I noticed today that ive been on the forums for 3 years...and two days joined on the 17th of September. Seen so many people come and go streamers join the live page and leave the live page been a fun 3 years and hopefully more to come here on the forums

Hey look i made a blog

by Carminedust on 08-24-2014 at 07:44 PM
Been awhile since i made one these hasnt it ? ...... i dont even remember what the last bolg was bout...

Night before another school semester starts and normally this blog would be oh im not going to be as active on the forums like everyone else cause blah blah blah school and stuff and really for the whole 4 members who remember when i first join the forums it was my first year of college and i was one of the most active people here on the forums for about a year and a half ....

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Im still alive

by Carminedust on 03-10-2014 at 12:11 AM
Heeey everyone of GameOn just me making a blog while i take a break doing a research paper for a class just saying I'm still alive as hard as that is to believe.....since I'm a carmine.......that should be enough explanation anyways

school been keeping me busy with work work work work work and me not having any motivation to really post here on the forums like i use to it probably change once the work load lessens up and i get motivation to finally get to 3k post milestone I've

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Another blog post

by Carminedust on 08-29-2013 at 08:51 PM
really im bad at coming up with titles for these..........

Just me making me another blog since im back at school just to say what a ride its been here on the forums for me during the summer no i did not get caught in any drama im just saying had fun here on the forums when i was on and not busy with life or other things.

Two year anniversery of me being on the forums is coming up problem make a post or a blog about that depending how much time i have who

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havent done one of these in awhile

by Carminedust on 05-27-2013 at 11:40 PM
like the title have not made a blog in FOREVER when i mean forever i mean since fall finals for me xD.... so really this blog just about things and stuff.

anyway Life is been a rollercoaster for me got done with college finals 2 weeks ago and now been enjoying summer with friends. but i am happy that im posting more here on the forums kinda took a slump of not posting for a bit.

now that its summer time for me as some of you may notice im mainly on here at night and

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