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Let the Gaming & Casting commence!

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Fyi I'm writting this on my phone so bare the mispells.

On my last blog I posted that my tv died and got a new xbox, so I had to config my new tv and xbox to the new 1080 settings (my old tv was 720p) on xsplit, which took a whole day of testing things and finally figured out how to get it to work. Let's just say you had to config settings while switching other settings in a short amount of time to do it before it reverts back.

Enough of the tech talk though, lots of bumps in the road but finally everything is hooked back up, even my nintendo wii, so hopefully even the virtual console games will work as well I haven't tried it yet, but fingers crossed.

I also figured out an easy way to hook up old consoles so as soon as I find them again I can even fit in some retro gaming in there as well! I just found a old box of wii,ps2,dvds so that's what made me want to get my wii hooked back up, and also figured out that u can't use component 480p with BMIP for wii, but that's another tech bore story.

So expect the casting to finally start up again Monday evening and continue strong from then on, hopefully with no more snags because I need to get my gameon! Hope to see you all on the flipside.


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  1. Mysticseeker's Avatar
    Awesome X3
  2. Feral's Avatar
    Woot, can't wait.