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Thinking of Leaving for a little while

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Well I have been part of GameOn for a long while now and I have had probably the lowest reputation on the site. I know why I do. I joined GameOn when I was about 11. Most 11 year olds were annoying and pieces of crap. I know that. But I am a teenager now. I hope to get treated like one, not only from my friends and family but also you guys, the community of GameOn. I get trolled and i trolled. I don't anymore. But I still get trolled. So for a little bit I am thinking of leaving GameOn and its JTV channels just for a couple of weeks and or even a month. I want to say thank you to the people who do not troll me. You guys are friends to me. The people who do troll, I just have to ask you guys 1 thing. Do you know what it feels like to get trolled? Do you know what people also call this? They call it Cyber Bullying. You know people commit suicide after being cyber bullied. You guys really took Trolling to a whole new level. It was funny the first time and what not but now it is just hurtful.

After reading this I hope all of you, the community of GameOn.

Thank you for reading this,
If you did at all.

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  1. Galakticus's Avatar
    I understand why you are leaving Littlejoe, and its a mature choice that u don't do the same like the people who are trolling you. Hope to see you back soon.
  2. littlejoe547's Avatar
    yeah thanks, man I hope im back soon too.
  3. Trickboss's Avatar
    For some reason it's difficult not to get trolled on the internet when you're young, that's the main reason why I didn't tell everyone my age when I first joined GameOn. I'm not saying that's what you should do though, people will learn to act normal to you eventually, just ignore the trolls. They're the real immature ones.
  4. Mortalized's Avatar
    Joe, you're only getting troll'd because you troll everyone else yourself.. especially in swift's channel
  5. littlejoe547's Avatar
    Well i dont anymore, atleast i don't think I do. The trolling I used to do was running Swift over. the trolling people do to me isn't considered trolling. Its considered bullying
    Updated 07-27-2011 at 08:17 PM by littlejoe547
  6. FatalAssassin18's Avatar
    Joe your a cool kid man I hope you dont leave but the decision is yours and if you do decide to then come back soon =)
  7. littlejoe547's Avatar
    Thanks FatalAssassin. I hope to join back aswell.
  8. Hiriachi's Avatar
    I agree with Mort. You're still trolling, even claiming you're not. I am sorry, but I can't even stand playing with you.