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I have came to a decision

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Well my last blog post I was talking about the trolling that was becoming excessive and not right. In this Post I just want to say I will not leave GameOn for any remainder of time. People are acting much more nicer and I was in a great mood the whole day mainly because i did that Marathon so everyone please stop the overly excessive trolling. But I want to stay in GameOn for its remainder of its time.

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  1. alb0ndiga's Avatar
    Here's some advice from a well traveled jaded intarewebr:

    with the advent of tech, it's bound to have generational effects on the youth of tomorrow, case in point, you.

    shit gets real on the internet, you're not only getting people's honest opinions but your also getting wildly absurd thoughts based out of anonymous proxies. you're too honest and naive for certain levels of the internet. That probably comes off as elitist and slightly self-promotional, but damnit, it's the truth.

    Wouldn't it be great if the internet was just a bunch of people looking to have a great time? of course, we should be able to just pour our minds into text, but it doesn't work that way, in a certain sense. you got to have tough skin online, in real life too, it's good that you didn't end up as another auto erotic asphyxiation story on the local news over all this, but learn something from it.
  2. mikeedro's Avatar
    I think that mean people dont deserve different names for what they are doing, dont worry if you get groups of people saying things that you think aren't nice. Just like the guy above me posted, sometimes, people do not understand all of the resoning behind why they know what they know as something to say that is mean even, have faith Joe. There are few reasons to be found on any entertainment sites that will give you enough of an excitement to make you happy for a peroid of time that is not any longer than when you actually are seeing it. I hope that you can look at the internet as going through billions of peoples joke books and that you will always try to find the punchline in your own life that you lead and that you get to experience in the things you use to help you be a person who shares with others. the Internet is like the place where you can come to see the most useless thoughts that someone has had, but that you get to say either, what you thought of, what you fought thru to understand, or kind of even how you cried about it. Don't worry about the people being stinkers, you can always laugh by yourself!
  3. LivelyRaccoon's Avatar
    Sorry about some stuff I've said. Keyword: SOME
    See like that sniping game where you said I "barrelstuffed" you and you didn't watch the kill cam to see I was on the other side of the map.
    Also I think some of the hate has been coming from well, at least when I see you in Swift's chat if he's playing a game you don't have you'll keep saying to change games and sometimes in all caps. And when you are in the game won't stop talking, I'm sorry but I know from experience that people don't like when you talk at 13. Especially you seem to be swearing a whole lot more than needed. Lastly, watching your stream you should cut down on complaining almost every time you get killed. One last note is that a 12 hour cast isn't exactly a marathon . That's just what I notice.
    Updated 07-28-2011 at 10:41 PM by LivelyRaccoon
  4. RSQViper's Avatar
    Don't be another Seth/Sith.

    -the end
  5. xKevin's Avatar
    There's always trolls. GameOn has relatively little amount of trolling compared to other forums. It's about as good as a community you can get on the internet.
  6. pistol3keeper's Avatar
    its good to see that your staying joe! this is one of the best communites on the internet! just enjoy your self and give respect to others, dont complain because thats raging and we dont want that. but trolls are trolls joe, dont feed them or else they will come back for more, enjoy the day and hope to see you on the forums soon!
    treat people on how you wanna be treated