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Good Bye GameOn

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Okay GameOn. It has been a great 2 Years being here. But I just can't handle this anymore. It was great playing with all of the GameOn casters and other members of the forums and casts. You guys will always be remembered.

You probably won't hear from me for about.... Well probably not for quite some time. I need to get my act together. Need to learn how to control myself. I need to become Mature but i don't think i can do it while being here at GameOn.

GameOn was a whole new dimension for me. I met some really great people and some not so great people. I just couldn't control myself when i was around those not so great people. But I want to thank all of you guys. It has been fun.

Good Bye GameOn,

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  1. TheUserAccount's Avatar
    Well then, whatever the future haves in store with you, good luck with it, if you decide to return, we'll extend a warm welcome. I'll say farewell, but do mature, that's all I will say. Farewell.
  2. pioshfd's Avatar
    It's a shame to see you leave but I wish you good luck in your enterprises. Hopefully you figure things out and make a triumphant return in the future.
  3. Mysticseeker's Avatar
    Well good luck to you and I'm glad you decided to take this journey of self-discovery to improve your relations with us all. See ya
  4. Nickbuc's Avatar
    Well I wish you luck with this, I myself have done this same thing. Its mature of you to do so.
  5. xKevin's Avatar
    Bye Joe!

    Although I'm not sure I understand you. GameOn members are some of the most mature that you can find on any online forum.
  6. Grunt070's Avatar
    Goodbye Joe.
    I hope everything goes well. Come back in the future!
  7. LivelyRaccoon's Avatar
    By the way, when you came to my cast my viewers and people said some things and I was totally out of it then randomly you started to insult me and that's where I drew the line. And then you got way to out of control. Just remember this is the internet, you can't get along with everyone.
    I'm not gonna lie, I hope you can find a way to become unique in your casts but honestly right now it's just like half the gaming channels on JTV. Best of luck to you.
    Have a nice day
    Updated 08-19-2011 at 09:01 PM by LivelyRaccoon
  8. Machima44's Avatar
    Goodbye Joe . Please return one day!
  9. GuyNamedCarl's Avatar
    Good luck to you.
  10. Baxstar's Avatar
    <Deleted Message>
    Updated 08-20-2011 at 08:30 PM by littlejoe547
  11. mikeedro's Avatar
    You are good thread writer and I hope that you can make tons of friends in the next while so that you can have a chance to really learn all the things that you want to! Good BLOG!
  12. littlejoe547's Avatar
    Thanks Everyone you will all be missed!