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I just Realized Something....

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Some of you may know that I have just recently sent in a GameOn Broadcaster Application but most of you don't. But I just realized that I have been, "Calculating" wrong. I sent in my Application on October 22nd. I did that so I sent it in later but not too late. Well I sent it in one week late. I wanted to send it in so that I can be part of MM6 as an official GameOn Broadcaster. But now that I have just realized it I can't be a GameOn Caster for MM6. So now I'm sad....
lolno but it really sucks because now I'm not apart of the GameOn/ Group. But oh well.... I'm still gonna cast some MM6 stuff. I know somebody that can hook me up with viewers
See you all on Friday at 9pm Eastern!

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  1. Galakticus's Avatar
    You don't HAVE to be a gameon caster to be featured on the GameOn live page for MM6, every caster that wants to participate for MM6 will get added on the live page for the weekend. Though you will be taken off after the event until you are added as a GameOn Broadcaster
  2. littlejoe547's Avatar
    Anyway I can be added to the GameOn Live Page? That would be pretty damn cool lol.
  3. CloudIma's Avatar
    Yes, I swore I told you this before, Joe. You can / will be added onto the Live Page if you apply.
  4. littlejoe547's Avatar
    I know, I have already applied. I applied one week later though is what I'm saying.
  5. Charlie117's Avatar
    go get em joe